Xuechunzi Bai

How to rebuild the confidence of the poor

TEDxUTokyo 2015
Saturday January 10, 2015
Xuechunzi Bai
Social Innovator

Xuechunzi Bai is a fourth-year undergraduate student in the Faculty of Education at the University of Tokyo. Ms. Bai is an international student from China, and passionate about poverty reduction.

Age 19- Learning in the classroom- she has been enrolled in the Faculty of Education to explore the role of eduation in poverty reduction.
Age 21- Learning on the ground- Desiring a hands-on approach to reducing poverty, she took a one-year leave of absence from school to volunteeer in a rural village in China.
Age 23- Putting experiences into practice- Frustrated by the current state of economic and social development, she has started up a social business with six of her peers at the University of Tokyo.
Age 24- Looking ahead- She stands at the helm of a small business with big dreams.

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