Makoto Yuasa

貧困 社会問題にもう一歩近づく

TEDxTodai 2013
Sunday June 16, 2013
Makoto Yuasa

He graduated from Tokyo University, major of law, and works as a Chief of Secretariat at independence support center of NPO, “Moyai”. He has started to support for homeless-people since 1990s. The end of 2008, he established “Toshikoshi-Hakenmura”(which seeing the old year out in village) to be giving help from other NPOs and he served as mayor of the village. In addition, he actively works on speech and he pointed out these existences of “refugee in net-cafés” and “Poor-business”. Moreover, he suggested “Fivefold exclusion”: the exclusion from education, social welfare, family welfare, public welfare, and me. And He declared the structure of poverty-issues, also had took part in Cabinet office. “Against poverty-escaping from the sloop-society “was published by him. He declares the state of people and government for resolution of social issues through his experience of both people and government.

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