Taikan Oki

Sea-level change due to terrestrial water storage

TEDxUTokyo 2012
Sunday May 20, 2012
Taikan Oki
Professor of the University of Tokyo

A prominent figure in the area of hydrology (a field of studies which deals with the circulation of water from its physicochemical characteristics, interactions with organisms and the relationship with human beings) especially in the study of the water circulation system. His studies are based on a broad view expanding among fields such as the global water circulation system and water resources around the world, evaluation of the influence of climate change, sustainability of human beings and its limits. In his paper “Global Water Resources Assessment Considering Virtual Water Trade”, which has received awards such as the Tison Award by the IAHS (International Association of Hydrological Sciences) and the Japan Water Award, he examines global water problems considering the idea of “virtual water”, which represents the necessity of water other than drinking water. This study is essential to countries expecting growth of population and consumption fraught with danger of scrambles for water resources, and should gain more importance globally in the future.

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