Tamako Mitarai

Why are Bhutanese happy?

TEDxUTokyo 2012
Sunday May 20, 2012
Tamako Mitarai
Former Prime Minister’s Fellow of Bhutan

After working at McKinsey & Company, Tamako Mitarai contributed to the promotion of Bhutan’s tourism as a fellow to the Bhutan’s prime minister for a year from September 2010. Mitarai has released a book “Bhutan, Kore de Ii noda” (Bhutan, it’s alright), which she wrote about her experiences and thoughts during a stay in Bhutan, known as “the country of happiness.” The actual situation of the country is vividly depicted in the book. Bhutanese are the people who lighten things up with “it’s alright” spirit at all times. Having been in very close touch with Bhutanese, Mitarai will share the new possibility of “happiness,” here at the TEDxUTokyo.

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