Junichi Rekimoto

Everyone has a secret switch in their mind.

TEDxTodai 2013
Sunday June 16, 2013
Junichi Rekimoto
Human-Computer Interaction Researcher

Jun Rekimoto is Professor in Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies at the University of Tokyo and doubles up as a Deputy Director of Sony Computer Science Laboratories. His work in the field of Human Computer Interaction has created lasting and highly significant impact that is present in a multitude of interfaces and devices used by millions of people. His invention list includes the world first mobile augmented reality, multitouch, location sensing, but not limited to those. He is now focusing on technologies for augmenting humans. Rekimoto strongly believes in the power of imagination as our primary drive force to create the future, and questions how our lives and this world would change if our dreams were to come true.

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