Shinsuke Muto

Society where elderly live happily

TEDxUTokyo 2015
Saturday January 10, 2015
Shinsuke Muto
Medical Doctor / Social Entrepreneur

Shinsuke Muto is the Chairperson and the Director of Tetsuyu-Kai Medical Corporation, “You Home Clinic” and holds a MD and PhD from the University of Tokyo.
With the experience as a cardiologist at hospitals, Dr. Muto has served as a court physician.
In 2010, after working at McKinsey & Company, he launched an organization, “You Home Clinic,” which focuses mainly on home-visit medical services to deal with upcoming super aging society. He has also established a branch clinic, “You Home Clinic Ishinomaki” in quake-stricken Ishinomaki in 2011.

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