en ~The Great Wonder~

In Japanese, the word “en” refers to “links”, when people meet and connect with each other as if by fate.
“En” is a prefix in English that means “to cause to be”, and transforms nouns into verbs.
Through this event, person and person will entwine.
Because of this event, something will begin to move.

In our 3rd TEDxUTokyo, we aspire to embrace the future in wonder, and to realize the idea that “en” envisions.

Student Speaker Competition

The competition to decide who will get to showcase their ideas on the TEDxUTokyo stage

Date Sun, November 30, 2014
1:00 PM - Doors open
1:30 PM - Competition start
7:00 PM - End of event
* Reception to start at 6pm.
* No re-entry is permitted.
Venue The University of Tokyo Hongo Campus
* We will contact you with more details once you have been selected to attend the event.
(Includes Reception)
Students: ¥500
Non-students: ¥3,000
TEDxUTokyo is currently looking for students to take part in our student speaker competition, where you will have a chance to be selected to speak along with professionals in their respective fields of expertise at our main event, which will take place on 10 January 2015 at the University of Tokyo (Hongo Campus).
This is YOUR chance to work together with some of the most innovative minds in Japan. sign up HERE.
You get to decide the topic of your own talk. From something that you are simply passionate about, your research, to your vision of an ideal future, we welcome any ideas that you have to offer! We have but one message for the student speakers: Under TED’s slogan “Ideas worth spreading”, we hope that you aim to inspire the world with fresh and innovative ideas that showcase your vision and dreams for the future.
We cordially invite you to come, watch, and be inspired by these young and brilliant minds who will display their full capabilities as a student with the courage to induce change in the world through their ideas!