Tatsuzo Akase
Design director

Ph.D of civil engneering, the Univeristy of Tokyo. Visiting lecturer of Chiba University. President of Rei Design & Planning.
Tokyo Metro, Tsukuba Express, Roppongi Hills
He designed methodologies of “sign system” that is a system of informatory signs in public facilities.

Hiroyuki Shinoda
Researcher in Sense of Touch

Hiroyuki Shinoda is a professor in Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, the University of Tokyo. He received the Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of Tokyo in 1995.
His group found the principle of selective stimulation to skin mechanoreceptors for producing various tactile feeling in 1998 and developed the world first noncontact ultrasound tactile display to create tactile sensation on bare skins in the air. His current interest is in the devices and systems for human activity support through the sense of touch.

Ryohei Suzuki
Urban Designer

NPO urban design partners balloon, executive director. MeHiCuLi Co.Ltd. , executive director. Doctoral Student of Urban Design Laboratory, The Faculty of Urban Engineering, The University of Tokyo. Progressing 6 projects in 5 cities, as a partner of city government and citizen.